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May 1, 2017

Welcome to the L.D.Sewell Podcast!

This is episode 0 - the first ever episode of this podcast.

It is about ways to live a better life starting right now by using unconventional thinking and extreme methods and tactics when needed to get results fast.

In upcoming episodes we will discuss Personal Finances and especially Debt Elimination as well as go into detail on Trucking, Real Estate Investing, Mortgage Free and Debt Free Living and many other topics.

We will be looking at ways to use Tiny Houses and other Little Human Habitats such as boats, campers, RV's, conversions and many other things temporarily to dump your debt and start building a better life fast.

Temporary Minimalism can also be used as a fast way to change course and choose a new course in life too.

Consider becoming a truck driver - at least long enough to build yourself a new foundation for a new life quickly or maybe even as a longer term new career.

Trucking offers independence and opportunity for people who are willing to work hard and smart - but there is a lot you need to know BEFORE you head off to truck driving school!

If you want a better life then you need to think differently and be willing to try something different!

If it works and if it can help you then it will be in an upcoming episode, without the fluff, without the filler and without the BS.

Check out for more details!

Life is all about choices - you can keep doing what you are doing or if you want something better you can try doing something different!

Choose Your Own Course, Build a Better Life