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May 21, 2017

How well you communicate with your dispatcher and how effective you are at trip planning directly impact how much money you earn as a professional truck driver. That is one of the great things about trucking as far as I am concerned - that you have the ability to to  earn much more than those around you doing the same job as you, but who are neither as motivated or as efficient as you are. Work hard, work smart and follow a good plan and you will out earn all the rest every time. After you get some initial experience with your new company and have the fundamentals of your new career down then it may be time to consider the next step in significantly increasing your income. One way to do that is to become a rolling recruiter and start earning additional pay for doing so. It can add up to hundreds and even thousands of dollars more per month than you will ever make from driving only. Just like trucking itself, recruiting is not for everybody - some people will be better than others at it too. But here is the deal - if the company you chose is good enough for you and you are happy working there then it will be just as good for other drivers interested in the same thing. Learn how to be a rolling recruiter and make use of that time out on the road and help your company, help other drivers looking for a good company and help yourself to much better total pay at the same time. I will tell you more about that in episode 8.