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Jul 28, 2017

How Fast Does Your Clock Turn? The speed your day seems to go by to you is a good indicator of how you really feel about your current job, whatever that may be. Whether you are an entry level employee in a big or small company, a manager or supervisor or even the owner. If your day is dragging by then you probably don't much like what you are doing. On the other hand if your hours and the whole work day and even the week flies by - not just once in awhile, but day after day - then you have passion and drive and genuine interest in what it is you are doing. Most people aren't so fortunate... But here is the deal, you CAN be that fortunate too even if you don't have that right now. You can get it. You may even be able to get it right where you are right now by changing the perception of the work you are doing and looking at it in new ways. How can you learn from it, develop skills and talents and gain experience that can serve you well in the near future? Whether that means moving over or up into a more desirable position - or moving on, but taking that knowledge, skill, ability and experience with you and then putting it all to direct use on your own terms. Its all possible. If you believe in yourself and start doing the things you need to be doing then you can change your life. How can you tell when you are on the right track?   A good indicator will be when your clock starts spinning and your time begins to fly by!