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Aug 21, 2017

Let me share with you one of my personal stories from many years ago. In this podcast I will tell you about a day in my life that ended just fine - but almost didn't go well at all, and the lesson I learned from it all. For those interested in the becoming IMR's be sure to sign up for the email list and send me a personal message from the site  and let me know you are interested in it. What I am going to do is let everyone selected know the date and time of a private webinar that I will do in the early part of next month where I will go over everything they need to know to be able to start recruiting immediately thereafter. So if you are interested get on the list now and then come to the webinars and hear all the details you need and then get to ask any questions you have. An IMR will be much more than just a recruiter - he or she will also be a subject matter expert and have opportunities to lead groups, participate in podcasts as a co presenter/facilitator and many other chances to build or continue to grow their own businesses right along with us. I know this may be a BOLD Statement to make - but I'm going to make it anyway... if you are reading this now - or have heard me make the offer to  you in my podcast - you will KICK YOURSELF if you miss out on this once in your lifetime opportunity (I know that once in a lifetime things sounds cliche but it is true in this case!) . If you become part of this - it will change your life in good  ways more than you can possibly even imagine at this point. But make no mistake - it will require WORK, determination and consistent action - it will produce results that will astound you - but it IS NOT a get rich quick or easy with no work opportunity. So fair warning - if you are lazy or unmotivated then save me and you both some trouble and skip  it - but if you are one of the few key people I am looking for and you are ready to make stuff happen now then come and join me while you still can!