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Aug 31, 2017

Regardless of whether you run a microbusiness or a relatively large and growing company, well developed systems can make a ton of difference in your success. Think of franchise operations or any other big nationwide company you can imagine - every single one of them without exception uses standard management control systems of of some type - regardless of what name they choose to call it. These systems are a large part of what allows such companies to not only survive long term but in many cases to thrive and to continuously grow and improve. Every once in awhile you see such a company falter and sometimes even fail - and if you do an autopsy on the remains of it you will often find an incompetent manager or management team that strayed away from the management systems that built the company to start with. In other cases it may be because they failed to continuously refine and improve their systems and tactics to be able to adapt to changing markets and other variables that will always require periodic revision and updates to even the best systems ever developed. Systems well thought out and well designed, properly developed and implemented allow any organization large or small to repeatedly and consistently kick the stuffing out of its competition. So what about you? How are your current systems?