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Oct 23, 2017

So many times over the years I have seen driving careers end before the driver was ready. Usually when a driver fails a physical, and other times for other reasons. But in such cases when people are not prepared and ready their lives become chaos immediately. Everything is now in complete crisis. It happens. In other cases many times a driver just tires of being gone after decades on the road and would like to be able to be home with the family more - but they still need income and have no other marketable skills that can pay as well as trucking. So they feel trapped. Don't let any of this happen to you. Instead, start learning and developing another skill outside of driving a truck - It may or may not even be related to trucking. But it needs to be something you could continue to do even if you lost your physical. There are many things that fit that purpose - but none of them will do you a bit of good if you fail to learn them before you really need to be able to use such skills. NOW is the time! Pick something then study it. Take some courses, read books and get some training. Then start doing it and get some real-world practice and experience and be ready.